Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Last Guy K Gave Head to…

Max Landis (@.Uptomyknees): Screenwriter for K’s film “America Ultra”, now being shot in NOLA. Has a girlfriend that traveled to NOLA with him, but when has that ever mattered to K? Is followed by MANY Krisbians who love him to death.

How do I know?

Well, I keep coming across these annoying retweets from him and what appears to be some teases about k - as if daily pap visits weren’t enough. He’s trying a little too hard to justify how “amazing” k is in person. So, unless she’s paying him with big $$, this big mouth is quickly becoming a famewhore by catering to her fandom.

Case in Points

  • I have been told by publicity to keep things “under wraps” on twitter about , which is fittingly top secret. (but numerous paps on set were a part of K’s contract, right?)
  • Luckily, our publicity department has offered to go over my tweets and approve them, censoring as necessary! here’s my first approved tweet: I just ████████ ███ █████ ███ ██ ███ candy bar █████████ American Ultra ████████ ██ hair ████ Jesse ███████ █████ ███ █ ███ eyebrow pencil.
  • secrecy, bah, do they not understand? I have all these tiny little K-Stew avatar mouths to feed!
  • Kristen Stewart is a really good actress.

  • I was just reading her notes and I was like “these are really good” and then thought “I’ll tweet about this, but vaguely.”
  • just because I’m drunk doesn’t mean I can’t hit my twitter’s base demos: comic fans, screenwriters, and people who love Kristen Stewart.
  • very hungover from last night’s kick off party (among other very drunk/hangover tweets while in NOLA)
  • Seeing Kris and Jesse today in costume really threw me; whoa, Phoebe and Mike are…physical humans? Not just words on a page?
  • we treat celebrities like royalty and then are shocked and offended when they act the part
  • Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Lawrence weren’t “created” by Twilight and Hunger Games, they were both already unique and accomplished actors. (Half wrong; the k part is 100% true)
  • asks describe Kristen Stewart in one world? His answer: chillanxious; Krisbian reaction: Like that’s thee greatest way to describe her, ever.
  • and “she [k] has what I’d describe as really confident nervous energy. dynamic vulnerability? it’s neat.”
  • my gf doesn’t have twitter so she doesn’t know when i tweet about her but even if she did she wouldn’t care cause my gf dgaf about ANYTHING (so she’s open to K doing some mouth work…)
  • girls don’t like it when you call going down on them “kissing Jabba” (i doubt k has cared before, as long as she gets a job)

Funniest, cutest thing ever.

That goat can fly! I feel kind of sad for the ones he knocks over. Come on, that’s a dick move, bro.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Robert Pattinson + movies at Cannes

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I love them SFM

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Anonymous asked: kslut will go for MTTS in cannes with the excuse that she will see her co star Julianne Moore,lets not be innocent and say that she will stay away from rob, she will not, she needs media desperately, with her and rob in the same place, Ruth will do everything to create thousands of stories of conversations, reconciliation between her and Rob. the sheeps will be insane at least she go to cannes has a good thing, she will probably wear a dress to get attention and won't will cover her "baby bump"



She’ll be there for Sils Maria, another NOT her film (it’s Binoche’s, an inconvenient truth for the Krisbians).  But my “prediction” that she’ll try for a photo op with Pattinson - to tell the world there’s “no hard feelings” (not pictured:  Liberty and children) is just a gut feeling, but one that I feel strongly about.  Trust me, I’m the first to hope that I’m wrong, it will be horribly annoying, and there will be a push to clean up her forever soiled image, though none of us should be fooled by more fakery from the faker queen.

myheartsnsocal on her awesome blog mentioned that E! (no surprise, look into who works there and you’ll understand) and even ET and others are already playing the “robsten” angle and that is disgusting, I have no doubt her team will use Cannes to the maximum of their abilities for PR purposes and Stewart - Miss Private (my ass) - would love the attention.  But I imagine after her pathetic, unprofessional, juvenile and - let’s not mince words - asshole behavior at Cannes in 2012, I imagine her unscrupulous team is telling her in strict terms to behave as much as possible.  But I’d wager at least one middle finger or tantrum awaits.

As far as baby bumps, other than being somewhat out of shape for a thin woman (which she is; if she were in shape a few pounds would actually help her), there is blatantly NO baby bump or sign of pregnancy.  She is - I guarantee you - NOT pregnant.  I imagine if she wants to do a little “networking” (wink wink) with execs and old male directors, she’ll show the “goods” in at least one public venue at Cannes.  Or perhaps in a private suite…who can say?

And the shippers will ignore all the evidence.  Same old, same old.

Remember this


Anonymous asked: What happened to Bear? Did Kristen get both of them?? Because there's a pic of him with Allana, Kristen's friend.



uhm maybe,who cares anyway i’m tired of this dog thing,like they were kids for gods sake 

The last time we see Bear and Bernie was in october 2012 in that circus for BD2 promo. Famewhores were there so they have pics for that day and they’re posting those pics and idiots believe that are from now.

That’s all. 

I get it. The fact K and her fandom uses the dogs as evidence or PR in themselves to made indirect statements -or rather - assumptions.

But truth being - in a general sense - getting a dog while in a relationship is kind of like having a child. I know many broken up couples who have agreements when they get time with their dog or dogs. Personally, if that were to happen to me, my ex would never be getting the dog back, lol. My dog is literally like my child.

I may sound crazy, but dogs - to me - aren’t just animals. They have personalities and can sense when you’ve had a bad day. Medically speaking, they do wonders for people who are sick - thus dog therapy that I always looked forward to when in the hospital for long periods when I was younger. They have the ability to increase the longevity of your lifespan. Looking at my Jackson makes me smile, especially when I’ve had a horrible day or feeling shitty. Their loyalty and unquestioning love is something to cherish, not merely use as a PR tactic. That part only makes me sickened more by K, if that’s even possible. How you treat or see your dog, I think, is how you can determine what kind person you are in the inside.

K obviously inside is dead, uncaring, selfish, cold and rachid. Obviously, we knew that.



New candids photos of Jamie in our gallery:

Jamie,Jamie,Jamie .. *sigh*

He’s growing on me.

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Jimmy always finds some time to write out his weekly Thank You Notes!

I ALWAYS THINK THAT! When the fan shakes and shit… I don’t want to die that way! lol



If there was ever a scene in a movie that needed a gif, it’s this.


LOVE LOVE LOVE A League of their own. I know like… every line. Its amazing. I always skip the end though because in no way would just let my younger sibling win only for to act like she legitimately earned it. Fuck that shit.

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On-set “Neighbors” Interview with Zac Efron

The whole MTV Movie Award thing with Rita Ora and Zac was so shamelessly done and although he was pretty to drool over - and very weirdly tanned on his body but not his face, creepy - it just was too much of a famewhoring moment. Would have been better to have just stripped on his way up to the stage… I digress. Apparently, dude has a new girlfriend, says the rumor mill.

In any case, Zac looks perfectly complemented to Seth Rogen in Neighbors. I hope its as hilarious as it looks. I love Seth SFM.

I’m REALLY hoping to see a monster amount of films this summer since the semester is less than a month away, so hopefully I can give you some completely honest reviews.